We’re Fighting Back Against Text Spam. Here’s What You Can Do, Too.

AT&T Blog Team
January 25, 2022
Internet Protection

We’re Fighting Back Against Text Spam. Here’s What You Can Do, Too.

The start of the new year is a time to plan and set new intentions, but you’re not the only one looking for new ways of doing things. As AT&T and other carriers have worked hard to protect consumers against unwanted robocalls and email spam, more and more scammers have turned to a new strategy – spam text messages.

  • These spam texts are more than annoying. They’re dangerous because they may be putting your personal information or device at risk.

Here’s the good news: AT&T is working 24/7 to protect you and your device from these unwanted and often illegal messages.

  • Our strong network defenses and multiple layers of protection are working to prevent text spam around the clock, even when you don’t see it.

Our 24/7 network defenses are always on guard, working to ensure a simple, secure, and trusted text messaging experience. Here are three ways we’re keeping you safe.

  1. Manual & Automated Detection – We use sophisticated, proprietary technology to detect unwanted and abusive messages, including manual review of customer complaints to ensure maximum visibility into threats.
  2. Specialized Spam Filters – We use specialized spam filters that adjust in real time to protect you from unwanted messages.
  3. Collaborative Threat Intelligence – We collaborate with other parties to help us maintain defenses and support other organizations’ anti-spam, safe browsing and threat mitigation efforts.

We want your help: AT&T security experts listen to our customers and work closely with our industry peers to fight back against scammers. And you can help us, too! When you receive a suspicious text message, follow this step-by-step process or reference our tutorials for iPhone and Android users.

  1. Forward the suspicious message to short code 7726 (spells ‘SPAM’) – for free.
  2. You’ll get a response from us asking for the original sender’s phone number or email address.
  3. Send us the number (or email) that sent the suspicious text.
  4. If we determine the text to be a scam or illegal message, we can act to block similar messages and take down malicious content used by the bad guys.

Remember these Scam Safety Steps. Start your new year off right and protect yourself from text message spam.

  • Stop and think before clicking or calling. Be careful if you don’t recognize a message sender or see a suspicious link in a message. The links could lead to fake websites or install malware on your device. If uncertain, use a trusted source such as the back of a credit card to obtain the company’s legitimate website or phone number.
  • Don’t share personal info. Legitimate senders would not ask for sensitive personal information (i.e. SSNs) over text message.
  • Report unwanted messages to 7726.

We’re here to help: If you have questions or require further assistance, you can always visit an AT&T store and speak with one of our team members.

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