Our Response to the Events at the Nation’s Capitol

AT&T Blog Team
January 7, 2021
AT&T Policy Statements, Public Safety

Our Response to the Events at the Nation’s Capitol

Attribute the following to John Stankey, AT&T CEO:

“We applaud all those who stood strong to thwart an appalling insurrection bent on blocking the peaceful transfer of power following a free and fair election. Freedom, democracy and rule of law are America’s bedrock and must never be usurped. We congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris on their Electoral College victory. There is much to be done to move the country forward.”

As a member of the Business Roundtable, AT&T fully supports the following Business Roundtable statement on the joint session of Congress to count electoral votes:

“Yesterday’s inexcusable violence and chaos at the Capitol makes clear that elected officials’ perpetuation of the fiction of a fraudulent 2020 presidential election is not only reprehensible, but also a danger to our democracy, our society and our economy.

“As businesses who operate in and employ millions of people in all 50 states, we represent Americans of all political backgrounds who cast their votes on Election Day. While our ballots may have been divided, our support for the democratic process and the peaceful transition of power must be unequivocal.

“After the unconscionable and tragic events we witnessed, it could not be clearer that it is time for the nation and lawmakers to unite around President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris. It is only together that we can move forward to successfully confront our nation’s many challenges, chief among them ending the pandemic and ensuring a safe and rapid economic recovery.”

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