Keeping Industries Protected as they Innovate

AT&T Blog Team
October 27, 2022
Internet Protection

Keeping Industries Protected as they Innovate

In the early stages of the internet, sending money through an app or wearing a connected medical device probably would have never crossed anyone’s mind. Now, these innovations are integrated into our daily lives – from online banking, digital health monitoring, factory operation and even cloud data storage.

With the digital transformation of industries comes more opportunities for cybercriminals to launch campaigns, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and ransomware attacks, as well as identity theft and fraud. And despite increasingly sophisticated cyber tools, online thieves and digital threats continue:

  • In 2021, the average number of cyberattacks and data breaches increased by 15.1% from 2020.

In order to help protect critical online information and maintain operational continuity, AT&T provides advisory and managed cybersecurity services to organizations globally. We are committed to supporting cyber innovation at scale, through collaborations with top security vendors, governmental agencies, and industry associations that are working together to develop a powerful ecosystem of protection for key industries.

Protecting Financial Services

Financial institutions use digital platforms to modernize and better serve their customers. While this digital transformation offers many benefits for those using online banking and other services, it also results in sensitive financial information being stored online.

To help create a safe environment for financial organizations to keep innovating, we’re committed to taking a holistic approach to equipping these institutions with the cyber protections they need. From working with businesses to identify and reduce cyber risk  to helping reduce fraud and securing online transactions in near-real-time, AT&T provides a breadth of protection services.

  • We’re also helping to secure branch networks and connected devices, with new security tooling, such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and we are supporting organizations in reducing risks through cybersecurity awareness trainings.  Many attacks begin with a phishing scam or other attempt to compromise employees. Education can provide an extra layer of protection.

Providing for Healthcare Security

When it comes to the healthcare industry, patient care is the number one priority. To better serve their patients, healthcare providers and insurers are embracing digital innovation – delivering life-saving results. But, without the proper protections in place, business and patient data is vulnerable to risk.

To help safeguard patient data from bad actors online, AT&T cybersecurity consultants can help healthcare organizations work toward complying with regulations, such as HIPPA compliance,  on how to handle electronic personal health information through regulatory and industry standards-based assessments.

  • We also support protections for DDoS attacks for healthcare organizations and provide remote access security controls to critical applications like connected monitors and ER capacity trackers.

Keeping Manufacturers Safe

Data security is critical for manufacturers to improve product quality and provide secure supply chains. Factories of today and tomorrow require highly secure networking and connectivity solutions that can meet its demands while protecting the business and consumers.

We have the tools manufacturers need to protect their digital operations. AT&T offers managed services for risk-based vulnerability prioritization and mitigation across hybrid environments. In addition, our consulting group offers cybersecurity gap assessments as well as cybersecurity strategic planning services and strategy assessment.  We can enable early threat detection and initiate a rapid response.

  • We can also help keep the factory floor running smoothly by monitoring, investigating, and responding to threats across mission-critical networks.

Cloud Data Security

Exploring future areas of growth is a key part of any business, and most organizations are now moving at least some of their public services to the cloud. AT&T offers a number of managed cloud security services, from access management and control to threat detection and response to web application protections that help make it safer for your business to innovate and take advantage of cutting-edge technologies.

  • Whether workers are on or off the corporate network, AT&T unified endpoint security solutions help organizations to simplify device management for laptops and mobile devices.
  • In addition, we support the strategy, planning and assessment of an organization’s cloud security architecture to identify vulnerabilities and errors.

Our holistic approach to securing the cloud allows businesses to confidently attend to their other priorities knowing their data is protected.

  • A robust cybersecurity solution can help provide peace of mind for investors, customers and policymakers – as resources can be focused on innovation and improvement rather than responding to disruptive cyberattacks.

As industries continue to evolve and undergo digital revolutions, AT&T Cybersecurity continues to collaborate with industry leaders to provide the appropriate cybersecurity solutions for both today and tomorrow as organizations continue to expand their digital footprint.

Although October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re committed to offering advanced protection services every day of the year. Our cybersecurity solutions are helping keep industries safe as they innovate – letting them take advantage of new digital business models while managing cyber risks.

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