Innovation: Powered by Spectrum

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January 10, 2024
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Innovation: Powered by Spectrum

What if you could change the game? What if instead of leveling the playing field, you replaced it with something bigger, better, and faster that helped more people? Technology can make that happen. Not in the future, not tomorrow – it’s happening today.

At AT&T, we’re in the business of connection. To us, that means ensuring you have the fastest internet and most reliable cell service. But it also means creating a world of possibilities beyond that and pushing the limit of what connectivity can mean.

2023 brought us some of the most innovative and groundbreaking use cases of connectivity to date. These use cases prove we’re on the brink of a technology revolution that will usher in a new era of connected devices that change the game – for everyone.

See how we’re already helping make it happen over our wireless network – powered by spectrum.

AT&T 5G Helmet

On October 7, 2023, at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, we changed the game forever by unveiling the world’s first football helmet designed to remove communication barriers for Deaf and hard of hearing players: the AT&T 5G Helmet.

Powered by AT&T 5G, our innovative helmet uses an augmented reality lens to connect the player and coach like never before. The fast and powerful AT&T 5G network can now help players and coaches share information faster than ever before.

How it works: The coach will have a tablet on which they will select a play. When they hit send, it goes via 5G to the helmet players are wearing. The players on the field will see the play appear in augmented reality before their eyes and then the quarterback can call the play.

What once required gaining the direct eye contact of individual players to coordinate plays, a feat not always possible in the heat of the moment of the game, is now instantaneous and guaranteed communication between coach and player.

As Gallaudet linebacker Stefan Anderson said, “It’s bringing the sport to the next level.”

CAN Go™ Smart Cane

The CAN Go™ has a built-in phone for emergency calling. With high quality speakers, an embedded microphone, and reliable LTE technology, wherever you are, at home or on the go, you are only a press of a button away from help.

As we age, we begin to lose our mobility, and thus, we begin to lose our independence. In December 2023, we teamed up with CAN Mobilities to collaborate on the expansion of the CAN Go™ Smart Cane. Supported by AT&T’s global wireless network, the Smart Cane helps increase mobility while keeping caregivers connected to their loved ones without a separate device.

The Smart Cane benefits include:

  • Ergonomic design to improve safety for users
  • Fall detection functionality with GPS
  • Built-in phone for emergency calls – no need to carry other devices
  • High-quality speakers and embedded microphone so users can hear and be heard

Named one of TIME’s 2023 Best Inventions, the Smart Cane is the epitome of the power of connectivity. Helping improve the lives of those we love using the speed and power of the network you trust.

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Innovation: Powered by Spectrum

These devices were designed to help people, to reimagine solutions to everyday problems. These innovations, powered by our AT&T network, are enabled by access to spectrum.

Spectrum is the conduit our mobile network uses to transmit data from point A to point B, like the fiber optic cables our wired network use to carry data in the same fashion. But spectrum is a finite resource, so it’s critical to ensure that here in the U.S., we create a sustained pipeline of spectrum.

Our network powers innovation, and spectrum powers our network. With a sustained pipeline of spectrum, the power of what connectivity can do is limitless. Whether it’s seamlessly connecting Deaf and hard of hearing athletes to their coaches, or empowering older adults to lead a more independent lifestyle, when we connect, things change, and AT&T is there to make it possible.

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