If your household is not already using the ACP benefit, take action here instead.

There’s still time to contact your members of Congress to help protect your access to an affordable internet connection. Today, more than 22.5 million American households, including yours, rely on funding from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to get online and stay connected to our digital world.

But now, the funding for the ACP is in jeopardy. The federal government has announced a potential end to the ACP in April 2024 due to lack of additional funding.

Funding the Affordable Connectivity Program will:

  • Keep the more than 22.5 million Americans currently benefitting from the ACP connected.
  • Help all qualifying American households get and stay connected to the internet.

When Congress launched the Affordable Connectivity Program through the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act in 2021, lawmakers recognized that while all Americans need the benefits of internet access, some face financial challenges that make it difficult for them to afford internet service.

The ACP has been a difference-maker for millions – one that helps you, your family and Americans in every state:

  • Advance their education
  • Find a job
  • Obtain healthcare or telehealth services
  • And so much more.

Now is the time for Congress to solidify this crucial support system so that, together with participating internet service providers, we can continue connecting Americans nationwide to the opportunities that come with an internet connection.

Without the authorization of additional funding for the ACP, you along with more than 22.5 million Americans may lose their access to get online in April 2024.

Send a message to your members of Congress today telling them how critical access to affordable internet is to you, your family, your community and millions of Americans across the country.

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