Furthering Capabilities Across Industries with AT&T 5G

AT&T Blog Team
July 6, 2022
Innovation and Technology

Furthering Capabilities Across Industries with AT&T 5G

We understand the difference that fast and reliable internet can make. With nationwide 5G reaching more than 277 million Americans, we are bringing improved connectivity to more people.

But AT&T 5G is doing more than just keeping us connected at home and on the go. It is also spurring technological innovation that is transforming the way we live – providing benefits in many aspects of our everyday lives and deepening our connection to the world around us.

From healthcare to national defense, 5G is sparking technological advancements that are changing the way our society operates. Take a look at some of the industries where 5G is making an impact.


When it comes to the healthcare industry, patient care is the number one priority. As doctors, nurses and staff look for new ways to improve the quality of care for their patients, 5G is making it easier to power improvements that will reimagine the patient experience:

  • Enhanced livestream videoconferencing improves telehealth visits and makes it easier for healthcare workers to collaborate more efficiently
  • Faster remote access to electronic health records and transfers of data such as 3D tumor imaging and PET scans
  • Improved telemonitoring of patient movements in the hospital to help prevent the risk of patients falling

A private 5G network with multi-access edge computing (MEC) from AT&T is providing ultra-fast connectivity for patient-centered cancer research at the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine, in addition to much more.


For farmers, sustainability is the name of the game. Improving production while cutting costs makes a huge difference in the success of their business, and AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) is helping farmers to do just that. In the future, AT&T 5G will bring improved IoT connection and technologies.

AT&T IoT is already enabling tech company smaXtec Inc. to bring efficiency benefits to farmers globally. For example, dairy farmers are able to use smaXtec smart sensors to keep better track of the health of their cows in a variety of ways. The smart sensors are ingested by cows, which then transmit data back to the farmers. These smart sensors allow farmers to monitor and manage their dairy cows to reduce costly veterinary bills and optimize production:

  • Better prepare for imminent birthing by notifying 6 to 36 hours prior to young being born, to help ensure safe arrival of a healthy animal
  • Track the body temperature, rumination and movement of cows for early intervention in medical issues, saving money on costly antibiotics

Feed and medicine are consistently one of biggest costs for dairy farmers. Saving even 1% on feeding the herd can make a farmer’s business more sustainable. AT&T 5G will improve wireless connectivity that is offered by IoT, enhancing the sustainability benefits already being brought to farmers.


Recently, AT&T joined the Department of Defense and US Navy in demonstrating 5G-powered tech solutions at Naval Base Coronado in San Diego. Our private 5G network at the Base supports the Naval “Smart Warehouse” project, which aims to increase the efficiency and fidelity of naval logistics operations. And the 5G Smart Warehouse project is just getting started. So far, the project has been exploring a number of 5G’s transformative capabilities:

  • Expedite shipments between shore facilities and naval units
  • Virtual and augmented reality which can change the way military training, maintenance, prototyping applications and other operations are executed
  • High-definition video surveillance delivering high-definition streaming, as well as direct access to any camera placed on AT&T’s private 5G network


Universities are also tapping into the capabilities enabled by AT&T 5G, using it to fuel research and innovation on campuses across the country. We’re collaborating with universities to help take their innovation hubs to the next level by providing fast network speeds with lower latency that enable researchers to work more efficiently and effectively:

Through collaborations with the wider research network, 5G connectivity is helping find new ways to evolve 5G-based applications used in various industries.

The promise and importance of 5G is consistently highlighted by the unique and innovative wireless connectivity and IoT solutions being developed. As we connect more things and more people, industries can utilize these advanced capabilities. AT&T 5G is changing the way we live now and in the future – and AT&T will continue to take it to new heights.