Free Laptops Help Greenville Students Tap into the Digital World

AT&T Blog Team
May 24, 2023
Broadband Access and Affordability

Free Laptops Help Greenville Students Tap into the Digital World

If you rewind back in history, fire was once a critical technology that offered countless opportunities by creating warmth and light. By leveraging its capabilities, a new path was formed for developing advanced tools, applications and progress.

Fast forward to today, and the same principles remains true for the internet – the technology holds great promise that will be magnified if people not only have access to broadband but are able to put it to use.

To maximize the impact of an internet connection, we need to work together to reduce the barriers to connectivity by focusing not only on access to affordable high-speed internet, but also on the devices, skills and resources that encourage adoption.

For some families in Greenville, South Carolina, the obstacle in their way of adopting home internet is lack of access to devices. But earlier this month, that barrier was reduced for 100 Greenville students and their families.

By teaming up with Human I-T, we supplied 100 refurbished laptops to Communities In Schools® of South Carolina, which is part of a national organization dedicated to bringing community resources directly into schools.

These devices will help Greenville area residents fully participate in our modern world. And the laptops are already connecting Greenville residents with opportunities – as students can now access online educational resources more easily to continue learning over the summer and adults can research and identify job opportunities more efficiently.

“In today’s world, having access to digital resources is a critical component in how the students Communities In Schools serves connect to the future,” said Jamie Cooper, CEO, Communities In Schools of South Carolina. “

AT&T’s donation of digital devices will provide Greenville youth and families access to technology to help them complete homework, develop essential job skills, and give them the tools they need to reach their fullest potential.”

As we work to reduce the adoption barrier for Greenville residents, some South Carolina communities also need access to an internet connection.

To help expand access to more South Carolinians, we’re working with local leaders to deliver fiber connectivity across Greenville and Charleston. Back in February, we were selected to build AT&T Fiber to nearly 2,500 customer locations in Greenville alone through a public-private project – and the project as a whole will expand fiber to more than 9,000 locations new customer locations in the state.

“Closing the digital divide is one of our top priorities in Greenville County, and AT&T’s investment in Greenville through its fiber infrastructure and this laptop donation is helping us accomplish that,” said Greenville County Council Vice-Chairman Liz Seman. “We are grateful for AT&T equipping Greenville residents with the technology and connectivity they need to thrive.”

In Greenville and other communities across the country, we’ve seen how an internet connection opens the door to new opportunities – and we’re excited to help bring these opportunities to people in places like Amarillo, TX and Oldham County, KY.

We’ve also seen firsthand through device distributions – like that in Greenville – how access to free devices can empower students and facilitate safe internet adoption, including in places like Dallas, TX, Salt Lake, UT and Atlanta, GA.

By recognizing that the barriers to connectivity don’t exist in silos, we’re working with local decisionmakers and community organizations to meet residents where they are and provide the solutions they need to get online – whether that be access to a device or access to an affordable internet connection.

“In addition to our fiber investments in Greenville, AT&T is proud to invest in initiatives that help Greenville students and families connect to greater possibilities. This collaboration with Communities In Schools of South Carolina and Human I-T is another example of how we are helping close the digital equity gap,” said Terrance Ford, Vice President of External Affairs, AT&T South Carolina. “Access to computers is vital in helping to bridge the digital divide and we are proud to provide these resources to those that need them most.”

Through our recent collaboration with Human I-T and broadband expansion project, Greenville students are getting connected to critical tools to further their academic development and unlock new doors for their careers in the future.

We can’t wait to see them light up the world.