Embracing the Digital Age – At Every Life Stage

AT&T Blog Team
August 1, 2023
Broadband Access and Affordability, Community Impact

Embracing the Digital Age – At Every Life Stage

No matter your age, getting a handle on new technologies and online resources can feel like learning an entirely new language. But we believe the saying “you’re never too old to learn” continues to ring true.  This is especially important for older adults, who are also caregivers to children in their families and who need to help keep pace with technology in order to effectively support the child’s online learning.

In today’s rapidly changing world, digital literacy has become an essential skill for people of all ages. In fact, a recent survey by AARP revealed 94% of Americans 50 years and older text, 88% email, 74% are on social media and 67% video chat. Whether it be staying connected with family, monitoring health using digital tools, or helping a young family member with online learning, getting online can provide countless opportunities for older adults – helping them feel empowered to take advantage of technological advances. Because regardless of where they live or what their background is, confidence and competence are key to helping the Space Age generation thrive in the vast, ever-evolving online world.

Tailoring outreach to maximize impact

Older Americans have witnessed digital transformation firsthand, and through the sharpening of digital literacy skills, they can further benefit from the opportunities of connection. Digital literacy workshops celebrate the wealth of life experiences that seniors bring to the table while simultaneously demystifying complex concepts in an approachable manner. Through a supportive and inclusive approach, these events aim to foster an environment where seniors feel comfortable asking questions and seeking guidance.

To help connect seniors to the skills they need, we’re meeting them where they are through digital literacy workshops held in communities across the country.


In Cleveland, the Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center (ASC3) – also home to an AT&T Connected Learning Center – hosts digital literacy workshops to empower its residents.

Here, 64-year-old Stanley Tolbert gained digital literacy expertise that allowed him to keep better track of his household finances and keep stress at bay. Tolbert now organizes his bills electronically – an invaluable resource that facilitates his independence.

Similarly, 74-year-old William Burkes sought out ASC3’s workshops to learn about digital opportunities. His new confidence online has led him to seek a part-time job using technology where he can work from the comfort of his home.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

In the Oshkosh Seniors Center, our AT&T Fiber team sat down with older adults to talk about best practices for using the internet, as well as affordable internet solutions like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Access from AT&T.1 Seniors had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about online safety, avoiding scams, accessing Wi-Fi and how to connect to loved ones virtually.

Recognizing the important work of this community center, AT&T announced a $10,000 contribution in June to the Oshkosh Seniors Center to support new training courses this year through the “Connect Through Tech” program. Over 575 older adults have participated in the program so far, and we’re hopeful the contribution will help even more of seniors get connected.

Los Angeles

We’re also excited about upcoming opportunities in California. Our team is working with the Salvadoran American Leadership and Educational Fund (SALEF) on several digital literacy workshops scheduled for this summer. Hosted in Spanish, these workshops will help older adults from the Los Angeles community who have limited access to technology at home.

Seniors and older adults will leave this course with a “diploma” and an improved understanding of technology and community resources – on the path to greater confidence in their internet skills.

Community collaborations help make digital literacy efforts even more impactful. Read more about our work with the Faunteroy Enrichment Center to empower older adults in Washington, D.C. with online skills, using resources developed through AT&T’s collaboration with the Public Library Association.

We’ve already seen the lasting impact that extends beyond the realm of digital literacy alone. Seniors who have attended these sessions have reported an increase in financial confidence and preparedness for the workforce, in addition to a sense of connectedness to their loved ones.

See how AT&T is stepping up to help bridge the digital divide and connect people to the internet, connected devices and the digital skills needed to navigate it.

These recent events all demonstrate how bridging the digital divide is more than just providing access to online resources – people also must be equipped with knowledge of how to best use these resources. As technology continues advancing, we remain committed to ensuring the digital world is accessible for everyone – young and old – so we can all experience the benefits of a connected world.

1 Available in the 21 states where AT&T offers wireline home internet services.