Connecting Through Culture with the Delaware Tribe

AT&T Blog Team
July 25, 2022
Public Safety

Connecting Through Culture with the Delaware Tribe

Every year, residents of the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma gather for a two-day celebration at The Fred Falleaf Campground in Copan, Oklahoma. The event features groups singing and dancing alongside art and food, making it a cultural hotspot among both Natives and non-Natives.

The Delaware Tribe has roots across the states of Oklahoma and Kansas. Beginning in the 19th century, Tribes across the nation established a cultural event called the Powwow. These events, featuring group singing and dancing, were established at a time when most other Native American ceremonies were outlawed. Being the only social gathering allowed, Powwows brought Tribes together to connect and socialize. It’s important to pay tribute to the rich histories of these communities, their diverse cultures and their important contributions to the country’s history.

Now, whenever there’s a cultural event such as Powwow that draws a large crowd, it’s important to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all participants. That’s why the Delaware Tribe relies on FirstNet®, Built with AT&T to help first responders access clear and critical information in the field as they work to keep the community safe during these large cultural events.

“We are impressed with FirstNet and its deployable asset program. The connectivity provided by the SatCOLT gave our first responder teams a way to communicate even with a large crowd of users. FirstNet’s priority and pre-emption for first responder gave us added assurance the network works when it’s needed.” said Brad KillsCrow, Tribal Chief of the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma.

FirstNet is built for all public safety. That means every first responder in the country – career or volunteer; federal, tribal, state or local; urban, suburban or rural. By collaborating with local providers, we’re able to use existing infrastructure and benefit from the provider’s local, on-the-ground expertise and experience. Here are a few ways FirstNet has helped ensure the Delaware Tribe has the safety and communication they need for larger events:

  • Satellite Cell on Light Trucks (SatCOLT) – These are land-based vehicles that can be transported to locations where additional coverage is needed. These assets link to FirstNet via satellite without relying on commercial power, providing public safety with similar capabilities and connectivity as a cell tower.
  • FirstNet Response Operation Group (ROG) – led by a group of former first responders, ROG guides the deployment of the FirstNet deployable assets based on the needs of public safety. ROG deployed a SatCOLT to support first responders at the Powwow in Oklahoma.

FirstNet continues to extend coverage in rural and remote parts of America with new purpose-built FirstNet cell sites that are improving wireless broadband for tribal communities across the country. FirstNet and AT&T are honored to help serve and protect these communities, like the Delaware Tribe, as they celebrate and share their vibrant culture.