AT&T Mexico Launches Bicentennial Edition of Revive tu Cancha Initiative

AT&T Mexico
September 20, 2023
International External & Regulatory Affairs

AT&T Mexico Launches Bicentennial Edition of Revive tu Cancha Initiative

In August 2022, AT&T Mexico – with Comex and BlueWomenPinkMen (BWPM) – launched Revive tu Cancha with the goal of painting and rehabilitating 50 multi-purpose courts in at-risk communities across Mexico. With this program, we hope to bring together community members at both physical and personal levels, united by a passion for soccer and basketball.

Flash forward to a year and we have rehabilitated nearly 30 courts across Mexico. Over this last year, our employees have continuously volunteered with the program, alongside local partners such as U.S. Embassy Mexico employees, painting the inspiring work sketched by local artists who consult with the community, at each location, to guide the artistic vision for each court.

With Revive tu Cancha, we reaffirm our commitment to positively impacting the communities where we operate, through the love of sports. We are very grateful for the support of our wonderful partners: Comex, the leading paint manufacturer in Mexico, through its social impact program México Bien Hecho, that aims to recover public spaces through socio-artistic interventions to strengthen the social fabric; and BWPM, a nonprofit organization that fosters gender equality, art and sports as tools for social change, specializing in youth and at-risk populations.

We are so pleased to share the news that we plan to finish the remaining courts this year under the theme of the #USMX200 Bicentennial celebration. In 1822, formal diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Mexico were established, and our two countries have been commemorating this Bicentennial milestone over the course of this year. On September 13, we had an event to officially announce the collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. We chose this date to conjoin with the celebration of the second anniversary of Ambassador Salazar in Mexico. AT&T has been thrilled to play a role in recognizing this critically important and enduring bilateral partnership. We are also very pleased to be launching the Bicentennial edition of the Revive tu Cancha initiative as a preparation for the 2026 FIFA World Cup that will take place across Mexico, the U.S., and Canada.

Through this project, we reaffirm our commitment to rehabilitate public spaces that can become points of coexistence for communities. Follow along here for updates about the rest of the courts that will be painted as part of this initiative and stay tuned for what’s still to come!

What they’re saying:

“Mexico and the United States have a shared future. Let’s do it better. At AT&T, we connect people and businesses on both sides of the border. Today we are excited to join with Revive tu Cancha the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Diplomatic Relations between both countries and the second anniversary of Ken Salazar as United States ambassador, and friend of, to Mexico,” said Mónica Aspe, CEO of AT&T Mexico.

“I recognize the commitment of Mónica Aspe, AT&T and COMEX to join this initiative and others promoted by the United States Embassy in Mexico. These courts, which are part of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Mexico-United States Relations, are an example of what we can achieve when we work together with the private sector. These will be safe and inclusive spaces, where the community is involved, while we promote sports and promote people’s capabilities and development. We are proud that Paola Kuri is a former scholarship recipient of the United States Government. Since 2018, we have worked with her to paint the first court and I am pleased that Comex is also part of these efforts,” commented Ken Salazar, United States Ambassador to Mexico.