Technology is a Game-Changer for Students in Harrisburg

David Kerr, President – AT&T Pennsylvania
May 17, 2024
Broadband Access and Affordability

Technology is a Game-Changer for Students in Harrisburg

In March, I joined Dauphin County Commissioner George Hartwick for a visit to the Salvation Army in Harrisburg to meet with young men from the city and region who use basketball as a way to help strengthen themselves and their communities. The league is organized by the 3-Star Foundation, a Harrisburg-based nonprofit.

During the event, Commissioner Hartwick talked about his experience as an athlete and how exciting it is for him to see AT&T team up with 3-Star Foundation to get laptops into the hands of young people in Harrisburg, so they have the digital tools they need to succeed. In his words, “when we connect young people with the magic of technology, it’s a game changer.”

We agree.

AT&T, along with Human I-T, teamed up with the 3-Star Foundation to provide 100 refurbished laptops to Harrisburg students in need. The laptops were distributed during a special event where the 3-Star Foundation operates a mentoring program and winter basketball league for young men in the area. We also announced a $5,000 contribution to the 3-Star Foundation to support their work.

Check out a local news report about the program here.

This is part of the AT&T Connected Learning® initiative to help address the digital divide through internet accessibility, affordability and safe adoption.

Charlie Fortney, a 3-Star Foundation board member was grateful for the collaboration and told us how the devices and other resources will help the league’s participants succeed in jobs, and in their academic and life endeavors. He said AT&T’s support of 3-Star this year has been instrumental in their progress and efforts.

We’re glad we could help. We collaborate with organizations like the 3-Star Foundation to help close the digital gap in the Harrisburg area. These devices will help Harrisburg’s young people better connect to the myriad opportunities and tools available online. And, our contribution will help the team at 3-Star meet their mission.

I enjoyed meeting the young men and their mentors at 3-Star and wish them well in all they do. And, I was able to watch some great basketball games, too.

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