Paving the Way for a More Connected Dallas

AT&T Blog Team
October 20, 2022
Broadband Access and Affordability, Community Impact

Paving the Way for a More Connected Dallas

Originally posted on September 9, 2022

Known for its athletics, food and arts scene, Dallas is truly one-of-a-kind. This innovative and diverse city is part of what makes Texas so unique. As the city continues to grow and innovate for the 21st century, so does the need to help residents to take advantage of the latest and greatest advancements in digital technologies. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Texans are always striving for bigger and better – and so are we.

In fact, our roots are right here in Texas, with our headquarters situated in the heart of downtown Dallas in the Discovery District. And our roots run deep – we not only work here, but we also raise our families in the communities in and around Dallas and work hand-in-hand with local organizations in our communities.

Getting Connected

Our work in Texas is to help provide residents with the tools and technologies they need to be successful in our new digital economy, whether that be where they live, work or play. This means connecting more of our neighbors with high-speed internet, and we’re charging full speed ahead to achieve this.

But we can’t do it alone. Through participation in the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), we are easing the burden of internet costs for Texas families. In fact, over 100,000 Dallas households have signed up for the ACP Program.1

But to make sure Texans are connected to the benefits of the internet – from virtual appointments to getting live updates of the Cowboys’ game – we need to do more than just decrease the price of internet. We also need to work together to increase internet adoption.

This means more than simply building the broadband connection to peoples’ homes, we want people to sign up for and use their connection. That’s why it’s important to teach Texans how to use the internet safely and effectively, building confidence in the digital tools needed to succeed.

Better Together

We’re excited about our continued work in the Lone Star State. To know that we share that same passion and excitement for bringing connection to Dallas communities as local organizations is inspiring. We’re stronger together, especially when working to increase broadband adoption through strategies like making broadband more affordable and increasing digital literacy.

We have our sights set on getting resources into the hands of folks in Dallas communities to make sure they can benefit from the internet, and we’re dedicating part of our $2 billion commitment from 2021-2023 to do just that. We’re proud to team up with local organizations and initiatives to increase internet adoption throughout Dallas. Check out just a few of our recent collaborations and contributions:

  • Southern Dallas Thrives Initiative: This initiative strives to connect students and families in southern Dallas to digital resources to help our students succeed, reduce food insecurity and support women in the workforce. We are directing $1 million over 2 years to advance these admirable goals and provide more than 2,000 refurbished laptops, digital literacy workshops and technology support to the underserved in our Dallas communities.
    • Together with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and Compudopt, we recently hosted a computer distribution event at Kimball High School and handed out almost 300 free laptops to local students as part of this initiative.
  • Dallas Innovation Alliance: The new Alliance program – Connected Dallas – is a 2-year campaign to increase digital inclusion and internet access in the city. This digital equity initiative will support more than 10,000 people in Dallas who are at risk of falling behind. We are proud to contribute $1 million to this program to provide Texans with connectivity and digital inclusion training.
  • Dallas Cowboys and the NFL Foundation Digital Divide Initiative: While we may use the internet to stream Cowboys’ games, the team also recognizes the power of connectivity and is expanding access through the NFL Foundation initiative. In collaboration with Digitunity, we are providing K-12 students and their families can access to up to 200 refurbished laptops at Dallas-area Salvation Army community centers.
  • YMCA Park South: As part of AT&T’s month-long “Bridge to Possibility: Closing the digital divide, together” campaign this October, we’re working with Compudopt to provide YMCA Park South with 200 laptops, digital literacy training and technology support.

AT&T is addressing the digital divide by providing connectivity and digital learning resources to underserved families.

But that’s not all. By teaming up with local organizations and community voices, we’re setting today’s students and their families up for success in our digital world by offering the tools to use technology in their education, the economy and society at large.

Our three Dallas-based Connected Learning Centers, located in City Square, For Oak Cliff and Family Gateway, are housed within nonprofits that are committed to bettering the Dallas community. Students and families are welcome to come into any of these centers, hop onto a laptop and have access to digital activities that they may not be able to engage in without home internet. And if they need to build their digital skills first, our centers offer education and tutoring services as well – all for free.

We are committed to breaking down the barriers to connectivity, and we are confident that Dallas residents will harness the opportunities that come their way. Through our broadband adoption efforts, we are inviting Texans to gain the skills to live, learn and work in our digital society. And by collaborating with local groups, we are expanding our impact outside of just the Discovery District to help bring connectivity solutions to more Dallas residents.

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