Keeping Alabama’s First Responders Connected

Wayne Hutchens
April 13, 2020
Public Safety

Keeping Alabama’s First Responders Connected

We at AT&T have a special responsibility to America’s first responders and public safety community, who rely on FirstNet, the nationwide wireless broadband communications platform dedicated to them, built and managed by AT&T.

When seconds matter, we are ready to provide critical support. This is true across our nation and here, locally in Alabama. Recently, we provided support to the more than 500 public safety officials and volunteers searching for Evelyn “Vadie” Sides, the 4-year-old girl who went missing outside of Auburn. Just more than 48 hours after she went missing, searchers found Evelyn deep in the woods – unscathed. I am incredibly proud of the way our AT&T Alabama and FirstNet teams responded so quickly to help our public safety community when they needed us most. And, above all, we are all thankful Vadie was found safe and sound.

Although this is an especially uncertain time, we have heartening stories like that of Vadie and relief in knowing that AT&T devotes enormous resources into planning for the unexpected. We maintain an ongoing continuity plan to ensure that every one of our internal teams – including my team – can continue to operate safely during this time. We also have a world-class Network Disaster Recovery organization designed to ensure the integrity of our physical network remains reliable.

AT&T continues to work internally and with community partners to find additional ways to keep people connected. That’s what we have done for 145 years.