Keep Illinois Connected

AT&T Blog Team
May 7, 2021
Broadband Access and Affordability

Keep Illinois Connected

The clock is ticking.

Three critical communications laws that support Illinois broadband networks and video services expire this year, and state lawmakers need to extend the laws to help keep Illinois connected.  This includes the state’s wireless communications law that helps provide a better wireless experience in the state.

The pandemic is proving that communications networks are essential to everyone, and keeping Illinois connected to broadband and video services has never been more important.

What does the wireless communications law do?

The wireless communications law makes helps make it faster to improve customers’ wireless experience and enhance our existing network coverage, speed and quality.

Why should the laws be extended for five years?  

Network investment requires long term planning, and a five-year extension can help maximize private investment in broadband networks.

What’s next?

State lawmakers will be voting on these bills soon. Innovation needs collaboration, and we need your help today!  Just click here to send a quick email of support to elected officials in Springfield.  It’s fast and easy.

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