Helping Connect Amber, Kamal, and Small Businesses Owners with their Dreams

AT&T Blog Team
December 6, 2021
Broadband Access and Affordability, Innovation and Technology

Helping Connect Amber, Kamal, and Small Businesses Owners with their Dreams

Amber and Kamal are the owners of Sankofa Farms in central North Carolina, a farm dedicated to improving the lives and opportunities of people who live in food deserts. For rural business owners like Amber and Kamal, broadband is the key to connecting them with customers, employees, and others in the farming industry.

“The internet has taken the farm from just a place to grow crops to a place to grow opportunity,” said Kamal. Amber and Kamal have utilized the internet to spread the word about their farm and hire new people that wouldn’t necessarily be interested in farming.

Small businesses are at the heart of so many of our communities, and in order for them to succeed in today’s economy, they must have access to affordable, reliable connections. At AT&T, creating connection is at the heart of everything we do – and we’re proud to have made a $2 billion, 3-year commitment to help bridge the digital divide.

Broadband powers online stores, fosters more streamlined hiring processes, allows for virtual meetings, trainings, story-sharing, and more. And reliable internet is especially critical for rural business owners, who experience a greater lack of capital and broadband connectivity than those in urban and rural areas.

We understand that reliable internet is paramount to the success of many small businesses, and we’re committed to continuing to help ensure small business owners have the tools they need to achieve their American Dreams.

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