Ensuring Missouri Parents are Digital Parents

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May 13, 2022
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Ensuring Missouri Parents are Digital Parents

Kids today are more connected than any other generation.  Phone, computers, gaming consoles are at their fingertips continuously. Educational, engagement and entertainment opportunities are endless through connectivity.  And keeping kids safe in this online environment can seem daunting. That’s why AT&T has developed robust resources to help parents and guardians have important safety conversations with their children and tools to monitor online activity and prohibit certain materials.

Resources & Tools

Parents are not expected to naturally be subject matter experts on digital parenting. Each household has different rules and ways to communicate with children about their online activity. This is especially true with different age ranges. According to Family Online Safety Institute, there are different approaches to conversations about online safety depending on a children’s age.1

Online tools can supplement the conversations that happen surrounding online safety. Because not every parent is the same, we provide easily modifiable tools for parents and guardians to use. Whether you want to limit time spent online, monitor site visits, or block inappropriate websites, we provide tools to address every concerned parent’s need.

Below are a few resources and tools we provide to help start conversations around online activity and monitor use.

  • AT&T ScreenReady is a free digital resource to help families make safe and positive connections on all screens. Together with expert collaborators, such as Common Sense Media, AT&T provides tips, tools and educational resources equipping parents with the information they need to set and manage parental controls, practice healthy digital habits and participate safely and responsibly in today’s connected world.
  • The Family section of AT&T TechBuzz provides articles on navigating the AT&T apps, how-to guides to setting up parental controls on AT&T Internet, and even suggestions for kid and parent-approved content for streaming movie nights at home.
  • AT&T’s SmartHome Manager app has parental control features that allow customers to create unique internet profiles that can block access, set time limits for internet use, and even pause internet usage. This video shows how to use parental control features to ensure your child’s online safety.
  • Our Secure Family App helps families manage the online safety of their children across their mobile devices by letting parents know where their kids are, manage screen time, and limit what their kids access and buy online. Easy-to-use features include an interactive map locating family devices, time limit controls, and content filtering based on age-appropriate settings.
  • AT&T’s ActiveArmor app provides our mobile customers protection from unwanted and risky callers. With identity monitoring, public Wi-Fi protection, reverse number lookup, and personal block lists, parents can ensure their children aren’t receiving harmful spam calls and texts.

Innovation and technology can be fun when used correctly. We want to make sure it stays that way for our customers and families across the Missouri. For other helpful tools and resources, check out some national organizations like Family Online Safety Institute and NetSmartz, and local resources like City of Springfield’s Internet Safety for Children and resources from Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

1 See, Family Online Safety Institute’s  Tools for Todays Digital Parents

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