Continued Commitment to Connections in Cleveland

AT&T Blog Team
September 15, 2023
Broadband Access and Affordability, Community Impact

Continued Commitment to Connections in Cleveland
  • What’s New: Staff and community members at two AT&T Connected Learning Centers in Cleveland marked the summer of 2023 with new AT&T contributions of funding, devices, and more – all part of continuing collaborations to close the digital divide.
  • Why It Matters: Cleveland’s AT&T Connected Learning Centers, located at the Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center (a.k.a. ASC3) on the East Side, and at Esperanza on the West Side, opened more than a year ago. In their first year, each served hundreds of individuals, many of them seniors and caregivers. Visitors made dozens of visits to the Connected Learning Centers, getting hours of digital literacy trainings to bolster their online skills. The latest AT&T donations will be used to provide more help and reach more families.
  • Go Deeper: Each of the AT&T Connected Learning Centers in Cleveland received about $20K in new AT&T funding this summer for their continuing work to increase the connectivity of local families. Each Center also got 100 refurbished laptop computers. The Connected Learning Centers will provide those devices to participants who complete digital literacy workshops. Below, hear participants describe why the workshops are so important.

  • What They’re Saying: “The fiber internet connections and computers that came into ASC3 when it became an AT&T Connected Learning Center make a huge difference in our neighborhood. We have more ways to reach more people of all ages. My 10-year-old grandson is one of them!” – April Henderson, part-time Digital Navigator at ASC3
  • Yes, And… The Connected Learning Centers are moving ahead toward autumn and have been helping students get back-to-school ready. Each Center recently received hundreds of backpacks and even build-it-yourself STEM robots from AT&T. Students from the surrounding communities took those items home from special back-to-school events held at each Center in August.