Connecting Students to Greater Possibilities Through Tech Showcase

David Lewis – President, AT&T Michigan
February 8, 2024
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Connecting Students to Greater Possibilities Through Tech Showcase

When I first worked in a state Capitol building, beepers were all the rage, the internet was still getting its footing, and seeing cell phones in a statehouse was rare.

Flash forward to today. AT&T now supports an annual event at the Michigan Capitol where students from across the state show off their incredible technology talents.

For 22 years, the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning Student Technology Showcase has provided kids with the opportunity to highlight the applied technology skills they’ve developed in the classroom.

Because AT&T is the primary sponsor of this event, I get the wonderful opportunity to experience firsthand how their innovative use of technology is enhancing their education. These young people are our future leaders, and their ability to use technology for learning is truly remarkable.

Take a look at the video below to see what some of our impressive Michigan students are creating. You’ll learn how this event is not just encouraging kids to keep on innovating, but also connecting them to greater possibilities.

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