Connecting America Is in Our DNA

AT&T Blog Team
April 14, 2022
Broadband Access and Affordability

Connecting America Is in Our DNA

Connecting America is in our DNA. In fact, Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone in 1876 and founded the company that would become AT&T, is at the top of our family tree.

Committed to meeting our customers’ needs for connection, we’ve evolved for more than a century as a provider of communications services. Following the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the industry landscape rapidly shifted, solidifying our position as a global leader in communications innovation. Living up to this role, we then drove one of the greatest transformations in communications since 1876: mobilization of the internet.

From the turn of the 20th century, we’ve invested significantly in connecting people with their world – where they live, work and play – through high-speed internet. And we intend to keep doing it better and better every day.

Refocusing on Our Roots

We’re renewing our focus on our roots with one big goal in mind: to deliver reliable connectivity across the nation.

Our best-in-class network has fiber at its foundation. By owning and operating both fiber and wireless, we’re maximizing our flexibility to deliver fast, secure and reliable service in more places for businesses and consumers.

We have big plans to further strengthen our network with fiber and 5G, which will enable us to reach even more Americans with the best connectivity:

  • We’ll double our fiber footprint to span more than 30 million locations by the end of 2025.1
  • In pursuit of creating the nation’s best2 and most reliable 5G network3, we’ll deploy 120 MHz of mid-band spectrum to connect more than 200 million people by the end of 2023.
  • This valuable mid-band spectrum powers faster speeds, increased capacity and lower latency, which will complement our existing 5G footprint that covers more than 255 million people in over 16,000 cities and towns.

Innovating to Connect More Americans

Beyond our rich history of technological innovation, we’re also developing creative solutions to help close the affordability challenge of the digital divide.

For eligible low-income households, Access from AT&T4 provides internet service at the maximum speed available by location for $30/month or less. And, when combined with the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides a broadband benefit of up to $30/month (or $75/month for those who reside on qualifying Tribal lands), eligible households can gain access to the internet at no cost.

We look forward to the future with anticipation. We’re ready to lead yet another revolutionary transformation in communications – the rise of 5G – in addition to continuing to build other robust wireline and wireless broadband networks across the nation.

AT&T’s roots in connecting America run deep. World-class connectivity is who we are, and we plan for this new chapter to be one of our strongest yet.


1Network growth based on customer locations as of the second quarter of 2021.
2AT&T awarded Best 5G Network by GWS OneScore 2021. GWS conducts paid drive tests for AT&T and uses the data in its OneScore analysis. AT&T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G not available everywhere. Go to for details.
3Based on nationwide GWS drive test data. GWS conducts paid drive tests for AT&T and uses the data in its analysis. AT&T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G not available everywhere. Visit for details.
4Available in the 21 states where AT&T offers wireline home internet services.