Comforting Kids in Crisis Through the Power of Books

Robyn Gruner, Director of External Affairs
September 15, 2023
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Comforting Kids in Crisis Through the Power of Books

Thanks to a $10,000 contribution from AT&T to the REACH-A-Child program, the Kenosha Police Department and Kenosha Fire Department both have 75 new first responder bags filled with children’s books to provide to kids facing crisis situations with support and comfort.

The program provides law enforcement and fire departments with first responder bags that contain a variety of children’s books to be given to kids at the scene of an accident, house fire or other emergency. The goal: redirect the children’s attention away from the crisis at hand and provide comfort and distraction through books.

“Our mission is to help first responders positively engage with children facing trauma through the power of a book,” said Curtis Fuszard, Executive Director of REACH-A-Child. “We’ve heard from first responders across Wisconsin that our books have helped them calm and comfort children during very scary situations. With this support from AT&T, we are proud to help Kenosha first responders comfort children in need.”

In addition to the first responder bags, both Kenosha agencies also received 250 additional children’s books for use in community engagement activities.

“We were honored to be selected by such a great project as REACH-A-Child,” said Lt. Leo Viola with the Kenosha Police Department. “We identify with their mission to provide comfort and diversion to children who are experiencing a traumatic event. REACH-A-Child could not have picked a better community of children to bless with this gift.”

“The Kenosha Fire Department is excited to partner with REACH-A-Child to provide comfort to children who are suffering during a tragedy,” said Fire Chief Chris Bigley.  “We feel this is another great opportunity to serve the citizens of Kenosha.”

Since 2014, AT&T and the AT&T Foundation have contributed over $77,000 to support REACH-A-Child and first responder agencies across Wisconsin.

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