Celebrating Tennessee’s First AT&T Connected Learning Center

AT&T Blog Team
February 21, 2024
Broadband Access and Affordability, Community Impact

Celebrating Tennessee’s First AT&T Connected Learning Center

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of connectivity, striking a beat for opportunity in Nashville, Tennessee!

This week, we were honored to join Music City residents, Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee (BGCMT), and student musicians from Tennessee State University (TSU) to celebrate the opening of the first AT&T Connected Learning Center® in the Volunteer State, located at BGCMT’s Preston Taylor Club.

“Our investment in the AT&T Connected Learning Center at the Preston Taylor Club directly reflects our commitment to get more Americans connected and make an impact in the communities we serve,” said Jim Jamison, recently appointed President of AT&T Tennessee. “In addition to opening this center today, we’re also marking the occasion by distributing 100 laptop computers from Human I-T to local families who need them, connecting more Nashville households to greater possibility.”

Each AT&T Connected Learning Center is housed within a trusted community organization, dedicated to serving their community – this Center is no different. For over 120 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee have worked to empower Tennessee youth. With 13 clubhouses offering students a safe space to complete homework, talk to mentors, and engage in creative activities, BGCMT exemplifies the importance of presence and fostering strong trust in the community.

Now, students who visit BGCMT Preston Taylor Club can access the new Connected Learning Center and all it has to offer, including free access to computers provided by Dell Technologies, Wi-Fi, and tutoring services. This comprehensive support enables them to fully immerse themselves in and benefit from online learning opportunities.

The ribbon-cutting event for the Center was truly remarkable, showcasing the strength of community and connectivity, and highlighting the importance of collaboration. Leaders from Tennessee State University and Dell Technologies were on hand to lend their support for the work being done at the Connected Learning Center and to highlight their commitments to closing the digital divide.

Located in close proximity to TSU, many of the Preston Taylor Club’s staff and volunteers are current or former TSU students. Across their many years of work to build leaders and to strengthen communities, TSU has had an indelible impact on Nashville and the mid-state, building paths to greater opportunities, as a technology hub, and inspiring others to be community-minded and to do their parts to cultivate promising futures through innovation.

Therefore, it was the TSU student musicians who provided the crescendo, introducing the Center’s ribbon-cutting and sending the sounds of celebration through the community.

Their performance inspired all those present and imparted an important lesson: like those TSU students keeping a collaborative beat, we too can work together to connect more people to greater possibility.

Even after the opening celebration, echoes of connectivity and opportunity were resonating through the hallways. Following the students’ tour of the new Center and their introduction to the available space and devices, AT&T volunteers – along with BGCMT staff – distributed the 100 free laptops to those in need.

On top of the Center and its resources being accessible to students and families year-round, these lucky students are now also equipped with a laptop to bring home, expanding their horizon for connected opportunities.

The Bottom Line.

Connectivity ensures our students, families and communities don’t miss out on the opportunities that are made possible online.

Our work with the Nashville community stands as a testament to our motivation to help bridge the digital divide in communities across the country. These Connected Learning Centers play an important role in our Connected Learning Initiative commitment to provide 1 million people in need with digital resources by 2025, so they can fully participate in today’s online world.

This may be our first Connected Learning Center in Nashville but it’s also our 35th nationwide on our way to 50 by the end of this year. As we work to reach that number, we will continue to work with those who know and serve their community best – so we can connect more students and families to opportunities online.

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