Cal OES and FirstNet Bringing Modern Public Safety Tools to the Golden State

AT&T Blog Team
January 24, 2023
Public Safety

Cal OES and FirstNet Bringing Modern Public Safety Tools to the Golden State

Our FirstNet team and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services showcased a FirstNet Connected Command Vehicle and touted the benefits of modern technology and connectivity for public safety.

Cal OES State Fire and Rescue Chief, Brian S. Marshall also shared his Chief Officer Command Vehicle, which is loaded with FirstNet technology – including FirstNet Mega Range, Push-to-Talk, Fleet Solutions, LMR-to-LTE, public safety-grade laptops and more. Cal OES is leading the way for public safety across California by outfitting all its emergency response vehicles with FirstNet technology.

“Ten years ago, the fire service was exploring the use of technology to improve our emergency response capabilities. Today, that technology exists as Cal OES Fire and Rescue partners with FirstNet to utilize this modernization technology in our vehicles responding to disasters throughout the State.” – Brian S. Marshall, State Fire and Rescue Chief, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

Built with AT&T, FirstNet is designed to improve interoperable communications across public safety entities nationwide, allowing first responders to communicate with one another easily and quickly during everyday situations, big events or emergencies. This is integral to solving the communications challenges public safety has experienced in the past.

With these tech advancements, Cal OES is equipping its first responders with new capabilities and reliable access to critical information while in the field, allowing them to better serve those who live, work and visit California.

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