AT&T Tackles Climate Change with Smart Climate Solutions

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September 24, 2021
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AT&T Tackles Climate Change with Smart Climate Solutions

Connectivity means that as we move to a net-zero economy, all of us have the opportunity to work together and change our future for the better. At AT&T, we are committed to contributing to this effort.

As part of our engagement in Climate Week NYC 2021, we launched our Connected Climate Initiative (CCI) to unleash the power of 5G and other broadband technologies to eliminate a gigaton – 1 billion metric tons – of greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. That is 15% of U.S. emissions produced in 2019[1]. This commitment will contribute to a more sustainable world and builds on our existing commitment to be carbon neutral across our entire global operations.

With this initiative we plan to convene the brightest minds – AT&T’s business customers, universities, and nonprofits – to identify best practices and develop innovative new products to build tomorrow’s 5G and other broadband-enabled solutions that may fundamentally shift how industries operate.

Broadband connectivity – including 5G – is a critical component for accelerating a clean energy future. Faster, more efficient networks can encourage companies to adopt emissions-reduction solutions by enabling greater visibility to monitor equipment and infrastructure. With enhanced management of resources like electricity, fuel, water and raw materials, we can help customers meet their climate goals.


This means working with our business customers to:

  • Explore the possibilities of 5G through funding research at leading universities
  • Fuel innovation by supporting disruptive technologies through climate tech innovation
  • Co-create solutions with customers by engaging businesses across various industries
  • Join forces and collaborate on joint product offerings around digital transformation

Learn more about AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative here.

[1] Environmental Protection Agency 

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