AT&T Helps Washington Jesuit Academy Improve Students’ Digital Literacy

Katie McEvoy, Regional Director, AT&T External Affairs
September 22, 2023
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AT&T Helps Washington Jesuit Academy Improve Students’ Digital Literacy

“Technology helps us research and learn new information. This helps me to help other people know more, too.”

Those are the words of a 5th grader at Washington Jesuit Academy (WJA) who is improving his computer skills thanks, in part, to an $11,000 contribution from AT&T to help give students the skills and expertise they need to complete homework outside of the classroom.

I joined one of my colleagues on September 14 to meet students and staff and learn more about the mission of the school. And I was impressed by what I saw and heard.

What’s really special about WJA is the sense of community that I felt as soon as I walked into the school. These students want to be there, and they are proud to be a part of this community, which extends into adulthood, way past their WJA eighth grade graduation. WJA provides life-long support, not only helping its current students navigate high school applications, but also guiding its graduates as they apply for college and determine a career path.

In addition to learning more about the school and the students’ goals and aspirations, I shared with them information about The Achievery, our free online learning platform to provide students with engaging and entertaining content paired with learning activities for everywhere they learn, along with other tools and resources available through our AT&T Connected Learning initiative.

WJA President Marcus Washington was a great host and is an incredible advocate for his school and the students they serve.

He said, “WJA is incredibly grateful for AT&T’s generous contribution and partnership in increasing our students’ access to technology.”

Washington Jesuit Academy offers young men in Washington, DC, educational opportunities focused on hope, determination, and success. Our support builds on that foundation and offers students the chance to sharpen their digital skills so they can thrive in the digital age and I’m glad we could help support them.

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