AT&T Contributes $26,500 to Conexión Américas

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August 24, 2023
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AT&T Contributes $26,500 to Conexión Américas

What’s the News?

AT&T is continuing its efforts to connect people with opportunities through a $26,500 contribution to Conexión Américas, which will help underwrite a series of digital literacy classes for Spanish-speaking immigrant adults in the Nashville region.

Why is this important?

Overcoming the digital divide requires that individuals have the skills needed to succeed in a digitally-connected world, in addition to high-speed technology being both available and affordable. Conexión Américas is tackling that challenge through a program designed to equip 140 Latinx adults each year with the information and skills to effectively use technology for their day to day lives, personal finance and job search needs, as well as supporting their children with the technology required in the school system.

The planned series of 15 classes will offer basic digital literacy skills training, along with training in the areas of financial capability and digital job skills. It will also include a basic tutorial for parents who will learn how to access and navigate online school platforms.

What are people saying?

“Digital literacy has been a key program area for Conexión Américas since 2016, but it has become an even greater priority for our organization over the past three years, as the continued growth of digital society has increased the risk of families becoming marginalized by the digital divide,” said Tara Lentz, Co-Executive Director, Conexión Américas. “This program will help our participants engage more fully with the community as a whole, and will support them as active, engaged partners in their children’s education.”

“Nashville has long been a place where people come to pursue their dreams of a brighter future,” said Tennessee state Sen. Jeff Yarbro. “While that’s true in the music business, it is also true for immigrants who come here seeking a better life for them and for their children. I’m excited about the work being done by Conexión Américas, and the impact this program will have for the families and for the community as a whole.”

“At AT&T, we are all about connecting people with each other, with the community and with opportunities,” said Kathy Sager, Regional Director of External Affairs, AT&T Tennessee. “Whether through technology or by supporting organizations such as Conexión Américas, we are committed to helping make Tennessee an even better place for everyone to live and work.” 

*About Philanthropy & Social Innovation at AT&T

We’re committed to advancing education, creating opportunities, strengthening communities, and improving lives. As part of our companywide commitment to address the digital divide, we launched AT&T Connected Learning to invest in connectivity and technology, digital literacy, and education solutions to help today’s learners succeed inside and outside of the classroom. Since 2008 we’ve committed to programs that help millions of students across all 50 states, Washington D.C and around the world, particularly those in underserved communities.

*About Conexión Americas

At Conexión Américas, our mission is to build a welcoming community and create opportunities where Latino families can belong, contribute, and succeed. Every year, we assist more than 10,000 individuals and their families in their desire to start businesses, improve their English, find job opportunities, help their children succeed in school and go to college and become an integral part of Nashville’s social, cultural and economic vitality. Conexión Américas is the lead partner of Casa Azafrán, a nonprofit collaborative at the gateway to Nashville’s International District that is home to Conexión Américas and nine partners.