AT&T Connects with Canada Learning Code in Support of ITU Partner2Connect

Claudia Selli, VP International External & Regulatory Affairs, AT&T
September 21, 2023
International External & Regulatory Affairs

AT&T Connects with Canada Learning Code in Support of ITU Partner2Connect

AT&T has a long and varied history in Canada. While much has changed since we first arrived in 1880,1 our commitment to connectivity has never wavered. Today, one of the ways we express that commitment is through our ongoing support of Canada Learning Code and its mission of digital inclusion – particularly for underrepresented populations. A champion of computer science education, Canada Learning Code equips people in Canada with critical technical skills and has supported more than 890,000 learners in their education programs across Canada.   

AT&T and Canada Learning Code share a passion for connecting people to aspirational opportunities. And we share this goal not only for our own backyards but for the world. To that end, AT&T has supported the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Partner2Connect (P2C) Digital Coalition initiative, a platform to engage all stakeholders to mobilize and announce new resources, partnerships, and pledges to achieve universal and meaningful connectivity.  

P2C’s aims recognize the priority need of connecting those in least developed countries, landlocked developing countries, and small island developing states (LDCs, LLDCs, and SIDS). However, the initiative has the goal of connecting the entire world – calling attention to the need for bridging the digital divide for populations everywhere. Similarly, AT&T is committed to connecting people to greater possibility – because not everyone currently has access to the opportunity connectivity brings. So, in addition to our prior P2C pledges, I am happy to share that AT&T is making another commitment: this time, in support of Canada Learning Code’s digital skills workshops for underrepresented populations. 

With AT&T’s support, Canada Learning Code aims to provide computer training programming to 125,000 learners from underserved populations in Canada in 2024. 

AT&T is pleased to collaborate with Canada Learning Code in further support of the P2C initiative by reaching out to marginalized communities in industrialized nations where exclusion can also be isolating. This pledge aligns with the P2C focus area of ‘Adoption,’ which is described by the ITU as promoting “inclusive, equal and safe access and use of ICTs for all.”2

“Digital Equity is about providing all people in Canada with the access and the skills to participate and prosper in an increasingly digital world. Canada Learning Code has been committed to this mission for the last decade and we are thrilled to partner with AT&T to advance it further. Through AT&T’s contribution to Canada Learning Code and commitment to connectivity, we know we can create a more equitable future in Canada.” 

– Rekha Rao-Mayya, CEO, Canada Learning Code  

We are proud to engage with Canada Learning Code, the International Telecommunications Union, and many other dedicated organizations united to deliver meaningful connectivity and make the world a smaller place. 

1 AT&T held position in Canada’s first telephone company, Bell Telephone Company of Canada. 

2 Partner2Connect Action Framework ( 

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