AT&T Boosts Network Speeds for the Des Moines Area

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November 1, 2022

AT&T Boosts Network Speeds for the Des Moines Area

Network Expansion in the Des Moines Area Will Help Give AT&T Customers Better Access to Mobile Internet

What’s the news? AT&T* has expanded its 5G network in the Des Moines area, giving residents, businesses and visitors a big boost in their wireless connectivity. We’ve added new network infrastructure to enhance the area’s coverage and capacity, and help customers unlock the power of America’s Most Reliable 5G Network.1

Why is this important? We know how important it is for our customers to stay connected. And AT&T 5G brings fast, reliable and secure connectivity to more than 281 million people in over 22,000 cities and towns nationwide, which now includes the Des Moines area. This helps Iowa residents and businesses get the best possible experience over the AT&T network wherever they live, work and play.

These enhancements also bring Band 14 spectrum to the area. Band 14 is nationwide, high-quality spectrum set aside by the government specifically for FirstNet. We look at Band 14 as public safety’s VIP lane. In an emergency, this band – or lane – can be cleared and locked just for FirstNet subscribers. When not in use by FirstNet subscribers, AT&T customers can enjoy Band 14’s added coverage and capacity.

Our commitment to Iowa communities: From 2019 to 2021, we invested nearly $175 million in our wireless and wireline networks in Iowa. These investments boost reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance for residents and their businesses.

What people are saying:

Russ Tremble

Mayor, West Des Moines

“The Des Moines area has been a leader in making strategic investments in infrastructure to help private sector companies deliver 21st century technologies to central Iowans. Today’s announcement that 5G services will be accessible to residents of Central Iowa is welcome news,” said Russ Trimble, Mayor, West Des Moines. “I support advancements in technology and connectivity, and I’m glad West Des Moines is a part of moving innovation forward.”

Dustin Blythe

Director, AT&T External Affairs, Iowa and Nebraska

“Keeping people connected drives the work we do in Iowa every day. From connecting family and loved ones to helping first responders during a crisis, AT&T is committed to investing in the Des Moines area and across the state of Iowa to build state-of-the-art infrastructure,” said AT&T Director of External Affairs Dustin Blythe. “By continuing to improve our network at the state and local levels, we are helping businesses grow in Iowa while providing our customers access to reliable service in their homes and businesses.”

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1Based on nationwide GWS drive test data. GWS conducts paid drive tests for AT&T and uses the data in its analysis. AT&T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G is not available everywhere. Go to for details.