AT&T Boosts Network Speeds for Hamilton County

AT&T Blog Team
May 2, 2023

AT&T Boosts Network Speeds for Hamilton County

AT&T* has expanded its 5G network in Hamilton County, giving residents, businesses and visitors a big boost in their wireless connectivity. A new cell tower will enhance the area’s coverage and capacity, and help customers unlock the power of America’s Most Reliable 5G Network1.

This new site will enhance AT&T’s coverage and capacity on top of the ridge in the area of Little Soddy Creek, as well as in the valley along U.S. Highway 27 and Dayton Pike.

“Strong, reliable wireless service is a great equalizer in today’s online, connected world,” said state Sen. Bo Watson (District 11). “It helps bring people together and powers opportunities for economic growth in small towns, as well as in larger cities. This announcement illustrates why the General Assembly continually works toward policies which encourage investment in advanced communication technologies.”

“During my professional career, I saw firsthand how advances in communications technology, and especially in wireless technology, impacted virtually every aspect of everyday life,” said state Rep. Patsy Hazelwood (District 27). “Today, as people increasingly rely on their wireless devices to connect to the Internet, conduct business and stay in touch with friends and families, the expanded coverage this new tower will bring is welcome. It shows the Legislature’s efforts to encourage ongoing enhancements to Tennessee’s communications infrastructure continue to pay dividends for all parts of the state.”

The new site will also bring Band 14 spectrum to the area. Band 14 is nationwide, high-quality spectrum set aside by the government specifically for FirstNet. We look at Band 14 as public safety’s VIP lane. In an emergency, this band – or lane – can be cleared and locked just for FirstNet subscribers. When not in use by FirstNet subscribers, AT&T customers can enjoy Band 14’s added coverage and capacity. 

“We know how important it is for our customers to stay connected,” said Dennis Wagner, Director of External Affairs for AT&T Tennessee. “AT&T 5G brings fast, reliable and secure connectivity to more than 290 million people in over 24,000 cities and towns nationwide, including Hamilton County. This helps residents and businesses get the best possible experience over the AT&T network wherever they live, work and play.”

From 2019 to 2021, AT&T invested more than $1.3 billion in its wireless and wireline networks in Tennessee. These investments boost reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance for residents and their businesses.

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1Based on nationwide GWS drive test data. GWS conducts paid drive tests for AT&T and uses the data in its analysis. AT&T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G is not available everywhere. Go to for details.