What Do Connecticut’s Leaders Have To Say About 5G?

AT&T Blog Team
May 17, 2021
Broadband Access and Affordability, Innovation and Technology, Public Safety

What Do Connecticut’s Leaders Have To Say About 5G?

Fast, reliable wireless connectivity plays a crucial role in Connecticut’s economy, culture and community. The implications and benefits of updated connectivity, like 5G, reach across the spectrum, from education to business to public safety and beyond.

Leaders in various fields spoke about what connectivity means to their industry, their community and to Connecticut’s future.  Read below to hear what they have to say.


“If we want to boost Connecticut’s small businesses, they must have the tools to create and grow in a connected world. By bringing in ultra-fast connectivity like 5G, small businesses like retailers will be more able to take their ideas online, connect with customers, utilize modern devices to develop products and services. The possibilities really are limitless and will play a key role in Connecticut’s economic future.”

  • Tim Phelan, President, Connecticut Retail Merchants Association


“The application of new technologies including 5G will help fill the educational gap in urban and rural areas, and 5G’s speed and reliability brings new opportunities for learning and discovery. Flexible learning opportunities also arise when a student can use a phone, tablet or laptop to access learning tools from anywhere and with anyone.”

“Advanced, reliable technology is a necessity in today’s competitive and global market, and continues to revolutionize how people learn, work, communicate, and live.  The pandemic has heightened the urgency and criticality of creating a superior technological infrastructure that allows young people to remain focused, engaged and connected in a way that supports their educational needs, requirements, and aspirations for their personal and professional development, growth, livelihood, and life.”

  • Walter Luckett, General Manager, ECHO Program at The Justice Education Center, Inc.    


“Reliable and consistent communications is imperative for public safety. Next generation wireless capabilities would give our hardworking first responders clear lines of communication regardless of what’s going on around town. There is a huge public safety benefit.”

  • Don Lowe, First Selectman of Sherman, CT


“Implementing state-of-the-art technology is key to a 21st century New Canaan. Increasing wireless coverage is central to that effort. There are so many positive things that better, faster, more consistent connectivity will do for a community, and I’m looking forward to seeing them in action here.”

  • Kevin Moynihan, First Selectman of New Canaan, CT

“The past year has certainly taught us how important it is to be able to stay connected.  Small cell investment is an improvement in our infrastructure, so that Westport residents, businesses and visitors have access to the latest wireless technology.”

  • Jim Marpe, First Selectman of Westport, CT

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