We have work to do

AT&T Blog Team
July 9, 2020
Community Impact

We have work to do

Dear Friends,

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen messages from across the globe expressing grief and anguish over racial injustice against the Black community. Recent travesties of justice underscore the long history of violence and racism Black people in America and Virginia still face. 

Influencing public policies to drive racial injustice reforms is long overdue. Failure to address this reality is not an option. This work must be done across our society and culture, by everyone – corporations, communities, and citizens alike. Those of us working and living in the Commonwealth should empower community initiatives that promote racial equality. AT&T is committed to being part of these conversations and using our corporate toolbox to influence change.

Here in Virginia, we have already begun to recognize and face some of our dark history. But the work in the Commonwealth must maintain its momentum and continue to rectify unjust public policy.

Recently, AT&T has begun sparking conversations and shifted resources toward fixing this problem.

Through an open letter to elected officials, AT&T’s Chairman and former CEO Randall Stephenson called on both business leaders and lawmakers, alike, to advocate for reform. Randall also recently participated in the National Summit on Equality of Opportunity at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Listen to his interview with Gayle King and his discussion on the big role businesses have in ending racial inequality.

As a member of Business Roundtable, AT&T is calling on Congress to pass bipartisan policing reform urgently. Led by Randall, its Racial Equity and Justice Subcommittee on Equitable Justice recently released principles for policing reform. Learn more about the Business Roundtable principles here.

CNN/Sesame Street also recently hosted a town hall on racism, which you can watch in its entirety here. We are also are making an additional contribution of $10 million that includes both cash as well as production assistance and advertising inventory on WarnerMedia channels and platforms to raise even more awareness and public support for the work to achieve racial justice. We’re also working with and supporting civil rights groups across the country.

We have a tremendous opportunity to advance effective change in the Commonwealth. Let’s not have this moment pass by.