Our New York Family is Here for Your Family

AT&T Blog Team
November 25, 2020
Public Safety

Our New York Family is Here for Your Family

For years, AT&T’s and WarnerMedia’s New York family has been there for your family, supporting organizations that create opportunity for low-income communities and communities of color.  Over the past decade, we’ve contributed to programs connecting underserved populations to the arts and technology education for training they need to help them succeed in college and in their careers.

This year, when the pandemic struck, we were there for our neighbors.  Through COVID-related shutdowns, we supported the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, we contributed to the YMCA to set up free, in-person childcare for working families across the five boroughs, and we helped the Osborne Association to connect families with incarcerated loved ones. Learn more about these and other AT&T and WarnerMedia supported organizations:

Supporting Reentry Pathways for Formerly Incarcerated New Yorkers

Helping Sustain Culture in New York

Funding Arts & Technology Education for Students in Need

Providing Childcare for Kids to Safely Learn & Play