FirstNet’s Newest Deployable Assets are Furry Ones

AT&T Connects
June 3, 2021
Public Safety

FirstNet’s Newest Deployable Assets are Furry Ones

FirstNet®, Built with AT&T, is the premier platform in the U.S. for public safety communications, providing first responders dedicated connectivity on a purpose-built, highly secure network to support their communication during everything from major events to disasters to everyday operations.

On FirstNet, we make sure first responders have connectivity when and where they need it. Public safety agencies have access to a dedicated fleet of portable network assets that can be called upon to boost connectivity during emergency and planned events. But FirstNet’s newest deployable is likely to be the most beloved…and the cutest. FirstNet just introduced a canine response team of therapy dogs.

Compared to the general population, first responders experience higher rates of depression, PTSD, anxiety, burnout and other mental health challenges. Therapy dogs have been demonstrated to have proven beneficial impact on both mental and physical health, by decreasing stress levels, enhancing morale and allowing for improved coping and stress recovery. Therapy dogs can also help first responders manage PTSD and emotional stress brought on by high-stress engagements.

As public safety’s network partner, we are committed to supporting the first responder community. With these dogs, FirstNet seeks to integrate mental and physical wellness tools in the FirstNet solutions toolkit. Through a collaboration with Global Medical Response, FirstNet agencies now have nationwide access to 30+ certified therapy dogs to support the health and wellbeing of public safety personnel.

In conjunction with our Response Operations Group, agencies can request a canine deployment when responding to disasters like hurricanes, wildfires and man-made disasters.

The mental health of law enforcement and other public safety personnel is critically important. Animal assisted therapy has been proven successful for so many struggling with mental health challenges, and these canines are ready to answer the call to support and serve the public safety community.