EMS heroes answer the call with help from FirstNet

AT&T Blog Team
May 24, 2023
Public Safety

EMS heroes answer the call with help from FirstNet

When a medical emergency strikes, every second counts. From the moment the call is placed to delivering lifesaving care, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) teams are on the front lines.

This National EMS Week, we’re sharing our appreciation for their unwavering commitment to serving our communities.

At AT&T, we show support for this community the best way we know how – through connectivity. Through FirstNet, we’re honored to provide connectivity resources to ensure first responders have reliable communications, no matter the circumstance.

Our commitment to supporting first responders doesn’t stop with EMS workers – learn more about how FirstNet provides unparalleled support for our firefighters and police officers.

Serving in any situation  

We often think of EMS teams as the first line of defense in a medical emergency – triaging the situation and bringing people safely to the hospital. To best provide quick and efficient emergency medical care, they must be able to relay that information with equal effectiveness.

EMS communication is especially important in places like Jackman, Maine – a community nestled among the mountains and more than 50 miles away from the closest emergency room. That’s why the community of Jackman has taken an innovative approach to providing emergency care quickly and efficiently. With the help of FirstNet, paramedics in Jackman can conduct telehealth sessions and treat residents at the local health clinic or in their homes, rather than transporting patients to a hospital over an hour away.

In less remote areas, like Kansas City, Missouri, EMS professionals need prioritized communication that puts them at the front of the line while they serve on the front lines. During major events like the football games, Steve Hoeger – the director of EMS for University Healthcare – relies on FirstNet to help coordinate EMS responses at the game with the nearby hospital. When every second counts, the ability to see the real-time status of hospital bed availability makes all the difference.

Enhancing care through innovative tools

EMS workers need to be able to respond during both planned events as well as crises. And during the inaugural Enjoy Illinois 300 NASCAR race, they needed connectivity that could outpace even the racecars.

Cory Heuchert and the Madison County Emergency Management Agency were tasked with keeping more than 57,000 people safe during the race with an emergency response plan involving everything from real-time information sharing to on-site care and patient tracking.

  • FirstNet provides temporary connectivity solutions – like Satellite Cell on Light Trucks (SatCOLTs) and Cell on Wheels (COWs) – which helped keep everyone enjoying the race safe by delivering consistent coverage.

In the wake of the devastating tornado that hit Otsego County, Michigan last September, EMS professionals needed to be at full strength to respond. With multiple people in need of assistance amid power outages and inaccessible roadways, Otsego County’s EMS team was equipped with 20 FirstNet Ready®, phones and a FirstNet COW to boost connectivity via satellite and keep communications running smoothly.

EMS professionals are no stranger to using cutting edge medical techniques and innovative vehicles to get the job done. With the FirstNet fleet of dedicated deployable assets and in-building solutions, like the Cell Booster Pro, they have additional tools to keep communities safe.

More than just a network

While supporting EMS workers’ communications is important, equally so is supporting their health and wellness on and off the job.

FirstNet, Built with AT&T is the only nationwide communications network built with and for public safety. Through its intimate working relationship with public safety, FirstNet leadership recognized the need for resources dedicated to first responder health and wellness.

The bottom line

As we reflect on our efforts to connect EMS heroes this week, we’re reminded that our work is never done. Each day that they bravely answer the call, we want to be there to lend our support.

We’re committed to continuing to listen to the needs of first responders – whether EMS teams, police officers or firefighters – and work closely with them to help meet their unique connectivity needs.

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