COVID-19: Our Response in Vermont

Owen Smith
July 23, 2020
Public Safety

COVID-19: Our Response in Vermont

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted food insecurity in many states around the country, including Vermont.

That is why over the past few months, AT&T has committed significant resources to supporting hunger relief organizations. Earlier this spring, AT&T committed $5.5 million to provide much needed support – in the form of nourishing meals – for first responders, medical personnel and others in need impacted by COVID-19. This funding is supporting the hard work of national hunger relief organizations like Feeding America.

Here in Vermont, we wanted to do more.  In order to supplement this national effort, the AT&T Foundation is also donating $5,000 directly to the Vermont Food Bank, which is Feeding America’s local member organization.

We aren’t stopping there. We want you to help us spread the word about great organizations like the Vermont Food Bank, to encourage others to support our neighbors, friends and communities.

Today, we’re starting a multifaceted and multimedia effort, using things like social media to bring together our AT&T employees and community leaders like you!

You can help us fill the shelves at the Vermont Food Bank in two ways.

  • First, spread the word to your friends, family and community on social media. We’ve made it easy for you – just click below and a pre-written tweet will automatically post to your Twitter account.

With your help, local hunger relief efforts will have more resources to support those in need during this unprecedented crisis.

We’re all in this together and we are so grateful to be engaged with community leaders like yourself, who share our values of collaboration, compassion and generosity.

Thank you for all you do for Vermont.

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