Coming Soon to a Virtual Classroom Near You

AT&T Blog Team
March 28, 2022
Broadband Access and Affordability

Coming Soon to a Virtual Classroom Near You

Wonder Woman. Aquaman. Craig of the Creek. Clips featuring these famous characters are now connecting students to a new world of digital learning.

Today, we are launching a new digital learning platform called The Achievery, created by AT&T, that infuses entertaining content into important lessons about social emotional learning, language arts and STEM.

Created in collaboration with WarnerMedia, the free online platform can be accessed by parents, students, caregivers and teachers and offers lessons and learning activities that students can engage with everywhere they learn.

This high-quality, exciting learning content makes distance learning more engaging and effective and shows families the value of a high-speed broadband connection.

A cure for boring lessons

According to a survey in 2021, parents and teachers said that one of their students’ biggest frustrations with online learning is that it is boring. But, video can help boost student engagement – nine in 10 educational professionals, staff, and students surveyed (92%) believe video increases student satisfaction with their learning experience, and more than 80% of teachers say video increases their satisfaction with their teaching experience.

Generating excitement about education can also help reverse Covid-induced learning loss. Studies conducted last year estimated that disconnected students could be set back an average of 7 to 14 months of learning during the pandemic. Adding to the learning loss is
new research showing a lack of student motivation and engagement in learning.

Free access to high quality educational content can help make up lost ground. And lessons that feature kids’ favorite characters from familiar films, TV shows and animated series can keep them interested.

So rather than just gazing at onscreen stars, students can learn from the Achievery. They can learn about a strong sense of duty from the Wonder Woman film and strategies to resolve conflicts from the Aquaman film.

Every lesson and learning activity on The Achievery is developed by leading education organizations, aligned to academic standards and reviewed by education experts from Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). In addition to featuring the familiar faces from WarnerMedia, The Achievery is enlisting the help of the Khan Academy, Young Storytellers, Stratch, Weird Enough Productions and 826 National to create a digital library of video clips paired with lessons and activities.

Why now?

The Achievery is the latest development within the AT&T Connected Learning initiative, created in 2021 as part of our companywide, $2 billion, 3-year commitment to help bridge the digital divide through investments in broadband technology, digital literacy tools and education resources.

The Achievery demonstrates the educational value of high-speed internet and can help encourage families to close the homework gap. AT&T is also making The Achievery available in AT&T Connected Learning Centers across the country. These centers provide free access to AT&T Fiber internet, Wi-Fi, computers, educational resources and mentoring for students and families in underserved neighborhoods.

To find the lessons: Go to or download the app to get started searching for iconic scenes paired with lesson plans and learning activities by subject, grade-level, academic standards or media type.