AT&T Supports Oregon’s First Responders

AT&T Blog Team
December 30, 2020
Broadband Access and Affordability, Public Safety

AT&T Supports Oregon’s First Responders

Unprecedented wildfires have raged across the state of Oregon, leaving many communities devastated and placing residents in vulnerable situations. Oregonians and first responders have continued to demonstrate resiliency despite facing challenges from the destruction.

When statewide fires first began spreading in August, the FirstNet team quickly jumped in, providing first responders with boosted coverage and devices for much-needed connectivity. Since then, teams have been supporting first responders day-in and day-out in the weeks following.

Assistance included FirstNet representatives sitting along-side first responders in the Emergency Coordination Center in Salem, Oregon  and deploying FirstNet , Satellite Cell on Light Truck (SatCOLT), to affected areas around the state. This support helped increase connectivity for frontline workers battling the Holiday Farm, Green Ridge, Beachie Creek, and Lionshead fires. The FirstNet deployables provided dedicated broadband communication connections for firefighters and first responders as they worked tirelessly to keep communities safe.

Holiday Farm FireThe FirstNet team deployed SatCOLTs to help increase coverage in areas affected by wildfires. In response to the Holiday Farm Fire,  two SatCOLTs were deployed to the Vida community and one each to the Blue River and McKenzie Bridge communities  to support public safety efforts.

Green Ridge Fire –  When firefighters were challenged to contain  the rapidly spreading 4,000-acre Green Ridge Fire near Camp Sherman, FirstNet deployed a SatCOLT to provide additional coverage to support firefighting efforts.

Beachie Creek Fire – In addition to supporting first responders with a SatCOLT, FirstNet deployed a fleet of mobile generators and other resources to facilities and cell sites to help customers and public safety in and around the Gates area.

Lionshead Fire –  The FirstNet team deployed SatCOLTs to the Detroit and Warm Springs areas to provide firefighters and first responders with increased connectivity.

Needless to say, FirstNet delivered when it was needed the most. As the fires continue to impact the west coast, our local communities know FirstNet is ready to support them.

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