AT&T Statement on Passing of Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

AT&T Blog Team
November 6, 2021
AT&T Policy Statements, Broadband Access and Affordability

AT&T Statement on Passing of Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

Attribute the following to John Stankey, AT&T CEO:

“With passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the Administration and Congress are investing an unprecedented $65 billion into our country’s broadband future, significantly augmenting private industry’s investment of nearly $80 billion last year alone.

AT&T commends the Administration and Congress for paving the way for universal connectivity to unserved areas, making broadband affordable for low-income households, and providing more resources for digital equity and adoption.

Once this bipartisan bill is enacted, we look forward to working with Congress, the Administration, the FCC, and local, state and Tribal governments to ensure this new funding is effectively and efficiently deployed. We support smart investments that foster economic growth and improved productivity.”