AT&T is proud to sponsor VSHA’s distracted driving PSA contest

Owen Smith
January 28, 2021
Community Impact

AT&T is proud to sponsor VSHA’s distracted driving PSA contest

AT&T has been a long-standing advocate in the fight against distracted driving across the country and right here in Vermont. We support the efforts of the Youth Safety Council of Vermont, contributing $10,000 in 2020 and years past for their Turn Off Texting program. And, Burlington High School student Maia Vota earned a 2019 AT&T Youth Filmmaker Award for her documentary-style short film about the dangers of distracted driving.

We are committed to continuing this important work in 2021. To that end, we are proud to work with The Vermont Highway Safety Alliance (VHSA) on a unique opportunity for students. AT&T is proud to be a sponsor for the VHSA’s #802phonesdown!headsup! video Public Service Announcement contest.

The contest asks students to create a 25-second YouTube video on the dangers of distracted driving. The goal is to produce a video that will engage new drivers and highlight the dangers of distracted driving.

There will be more than $3,000 in cash prizes awarded.

We encourage you to use your position as a community leader and share this information with your constituents, your community and your family and friends. Whether you post it on social media or use word of mouth, you can help the VHSA get more students involved in the contest and at the same time, spread the word about the dangers of distracted driving.

For more information, students can visit:

To register for the event once the video entry is complete, click here.

If you use social media, tag us @ATTNewEngland and we may amplify your post.

The contest is now open to all Vermont high school students, grades 9 to 12 and entries are due by March 15, 2021.

Please note, in making these videos students must abide by all Vermont Traffic Laws, and follow all COVID-19 protocols as outlined by the Vermont Department of Health and CDC guidelines:

Many of AT&T’s efforts regarding distracted driving are in conjunction with AT&T’s It Can Wait program. At its inception in 2009, the focus of the It Can Wait program was raising awareness on the dangers of texting and driving. Since then, theIt Can Wait program has worked with local community and public safety leaders in Vermont and across the country to host school assemblies and public events, utilizing resources such as virtual reality and inspiring millions of pledges to not drive distracted. During that time, the It Can Wait program has expanded from a focus on just texting and driving to include other smartphone driving distractions that have emerged as our relationships with our devices have changed.

We urge people to visit AT&T’s website for resources and to take the pledge to never drive distracted.

Thank you for your help in this important endeavor.


Owen Smith